Father Theodore Hesburgh
President Emeritus
Notre Dame University

“Thank you so much for sending me an autographed copy of your marvelous book, Kwa Heri Means Goodbye; Memories of Kenya 1957-1959, which I perused with great interest. The book will be added to a special collection I have here in the library of over two thousand books signed by their authors. Your book will add luster to this collection”

Thomas Jackson
Retired Professor of English
Bryn Mawr College

“If only I’d had this book when I was teaching my course in Modern African Fiction!”

Adine Storer

“I am so enjoying Kwa Heri Means Goodbye. It is a perfect introduction to Kenya. I am learning a lot. Dorothy Stephens is a lovely writer.”

Sue Riess

“I savored Kwa Heri Means Goodbye so much that I stretched out the reading of it over several days, and then went back and re-read it.  It’s a wonderful book, on many levels.”

Cheryl Teeter

“I just finished reading your book, Kwa Heri Means Goodbye, and wanted to let you know what an enjoyable read it was. Because of authors such as yourself, I have enjoyed vicariously the land and the people. Thank you for that.”

Maureen Thomas

“I finished your book last evening. What a wonderful and interesting experience. Your tales of the children, bees, cooking, safaris, and Queen Mother were fascinating. I felt I was there with you.”

Lindsey Byrne

“I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your memoir, Kwa Heri. The images were so crisp, the situations so finely described, your feelings so honest I felt as if I were living the adventure with you, And I find I now have a new and intense desire to visit the country you so eloquently describe. Thank you for sharing. It truly enriched my life.”

Catherine Bennie

“Thank you for your inspiring book about your two years in Kenya. Each chapter held its own special interest and enlightenment. It is a thoroughly good read and adventure tale.”

Sandi Peaslee

“I want you to know how much I loved Kwa Heri Means Goodbye. It really caught and held my interest from beginning to end… Your descriptions of the people you met and befriended…were vivid and they drew me in immediately. Also, I loved the descriptions of your family members. I hated to see the book end, because I wanted to know more about what happened to everyone. I keep hoping you’ll write a prequel and a sequel.”

Carol Sterling

“Your book provided me with a historical and personal perspective that deepened my appreciation of African culture. You, Bob, and your family…were excellent role models of USA good will.”

Sandy Whipple

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful book and exciting experiences.”

J. Silva

“A memoir of great depth and beauty; a must for students of Kenya.

Peg Bogard

“I read your book and found it very engaging and well done. What a window on a life and time I knew nothing about!”

Tamara Roberts

“I enjoyed your book, Kwa Heri Means Goodbye. Each chapter I was greeted by a new adventure. It was as though I too was adventuring in Kenya with the Stephens family.”

Jay Johnson

“What a great book! Thank you for taking the time to describe these experiences you had in Kenya. They come alive on the pages.”

Dorothea Nelson

“I just had the real pleasure of finishing—truly, devouring is a better description—your book, Kwa Heri Means Goodbye.”