A Door Just Opened

By Dorothy Stephens

Thirteen-year-old Anna’s passionate dream is to go to high school, the first girl from her tiny farm community back in 1910 to do so. She is determined not to stay at home like her older sister, Mary Ellen, helping their mother and waiting to marry a local farmer. But there is no money to send her to River Heights, seven miles away, and anyway, her mother needs her. When sixteen-year-old Mary Ellen is sexually assaulted by a local boy from a well-to-do family, the situation gets worse. No one suspects Mary Ellen is pregnant until she gives birth to the illegitimate baby.

The surprise birth threatens to ruin the family’s standing in the community and Mary Ellen’s reputation. Anna wrestles with helping her parents and sister while still striving to escape the boundaries that have been set for her and make her burning desire to go to high school a reality. Meanwhile she becomes involved in solving the mystery of a missing ring, and in stopping another attack by the boy who assaulted her sister. The climax comes when some unexpected developments change the course of Anna’s life. Please read an excerpt from Chapter One.

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